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If you draw think about this If you draw think about this

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i just don't understand how you have the nerve to critizize other people's drawings. sad really. i gave you a one because i feel sorry for you.

happyphilosopher responds:

To be honest, I did this for fun, and I merely comment on other's drawing, because I think they could become better because of it. to be honest I hate trolls like you, because they make me debase myself infront of other's to your mesely level, only for your snooby, un-talented self rightouts, shit spouters, can go around feel supeirior to other's when really your only proving your better than apes, because you can type and press a glowing button that lets you spew hate. Your no more than garbage and I honestly wish you sucess but the way your going and the energy you give off I just pray you make it to the gates of heaven.

the water the water

Rated 0 / 5 stars


you thought wrong.

dark sprirt dark sprirt

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depressed about being a cruddy artist?

Those eyes that haunt me Those eyes that haunt me

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prison art class?